What is 'Outsourcing Practice' Course is all about?

Please visit the below webpage to have an understanding about the course, what it aims at and how it can help you grow your practice.

How many times you can view the course?

You can view the online videos in the course MULTIPLE times within one year.

Will I be available to assist you in the process of your starting-up?

Yes very much. You can reach to me via Email or phone anytime you have any queries. I would prefer if you use Questions board on each section of the course so that everyone can view the concerns you come across in the process and the solution for the same. However that said, I WILL NOT BE GOING TO ASSIST YOU IN COMPLETING THE PROJECTS YOU ACQUIRED ON UPWORK. But yes I can assist you based on my time availability at particular time.

EXCEL CASE STUDIES and PRODUCTIVITY & TIME MANAGEMENT courses necessary for starting Outsourcing/Freelancing?

No, but it is recommended to enhance your Excel skills to Advance level as the projects on this platform would involve use of Advanced Excel Features which we normally ignore to use in our local practice. EXCEL CASE STUDIES Course indirectly will enhance your skill on the tools and techniques which goes in preparation of Excel Models. There will be also blog article on Excel Techniques and Tips and advance course like VBA would be launched in future if you want to start your outsourcing career mainly based on Excel skill.

In current cutting edge technology driven competitive world, PRODUCTIVITY & TIME MANAGEMENT course will teach you the most cutting-edge tips and tricks for productivity, automation, and efficiency, so that you can do more work in less time and have more time for the things that matter the most in achieving your life goals.

This site will provide Outsourcing Projects to subscribers?

The Top Most Concern I have been asked is whether I will be providing the subscribers with the Outsourcing Projects or will I be a middle-man to find jobs for subscribers? I would like to through light on this Important Aspect of “Outsourcing for Finance Professionals” course. The course is all about a guidance source on how to start freelancing career on individual level or firm level from their own office/home. In the course I have given my journey of first year of Outsourcing/Freelancing career on UPWORK, where international projects from clients across the globe are posted daily. And there is a Bidding Process AND Feedback & Payment Protection System which is provided by this international freelancing site which gives best place to work for professionals. In the IT field there are numerous example of success stories on this platforms but very few in Finance and Management Field. So I tried my best to include in this course the skill development to match the international demand; the platform workflow to get understanding on how this platforms works; and the key to success in such environment like how to bid, how to get projects awarded to you easily and getting positive feedback etc.

What types of project would be posted on the Outsourcing Platforms in Finance & Management Category?

Broadly the jobs can be classified in below categories:

1. Book-keeping and Financial Preparation using various Accounting Packages – 50%
2. Excel Skill based Projects like Financial Projection, Financial Modelling, Excel Formula/Chart Help – 30%
3. Equity research and other stock market related jobs – 5%
4. Statistical Analysis – 5%
5. Other jobs – misc