My First Webinar in October 2015

I started conducting Free live webinar as early as October 2015 to spread awareness of recent areas of practice and improvements for Chartered Accountants.

Subscriber Testimonial

Very dynamic courses, easy to follow and to understand although being online self paced courses. You can tell a lot of work has been put into the online courses and there’s plenty of extra material to look into, leaving it up to you to be proactive and make the most of it.

CA Brinda D, Kolkata

Thank you Dhaval for helping on each and every stage of setting my Freelancing Career. Your personal attention apart from course content helped a lot in establishing me on Upwork. Thank you once again.

CA Neoshi S, Mumbai

Initially, I thought that the courses are not meant for me being a Full Time Investment Banker. But you proved me wrong. By taking the courses, not only I was able to crack big projects in my skill area but it helped me in a big way in my job too.

CA Anonymous , Mumbai