Replace a long formula of Nested IF with a simple VLOOKUP formula

Hello Formula Experts, I am sure you all have a good grasp on the formulas in Excel. But sometimes it happens that we write unnecessary too long formula when a simple solution giving the same result is possible. Today I am giving a example of the same and a Quiz for you. Doesn’t it sound […]

Sniping Tool

Snipping Tool – A hidden Treasure in your Windows OS

Hello Presentation Givers, If you give a lot of support/demo to clients through screenshot then this is the best tool for you to start using “Snipping Tool” instead of old “PrntScr” button. Snipping Tool is a screenshooting utility included in Windows Vista and later. It can take screenshots of an open window, rectangular areas, a […]

Taskbar icon shortcuts

Open Taskbar icons with keyboard shortcut – Quick Tip

A Quick Tip for Accessing Taskbar icon with keyboard shortcut. Use combination of Windows key + 1,2,3……0 to open 10 icon in sequence from first icon. For example for below screenshot of my Taskbar, following keyboard will open corresponding icon/application.     + 1 Open MS Power Point 2 Open MS Excel 3 Open MS Word […]


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