Replace a long formula of Nested IF with a simple VLOOKUP formula

Hello Formula Experts, I am sure you all have a good grasp on the formulas in Excel. But sometimes it happens that we write unnecessary too long formula when a simple solution giving the same result is possible. Today I am giving a example of the same and a Quiz for you. Doesn’t it sound […]


How to TRANSPOSE links to the copied cells?! “Paste Link + Transpose”

Hello Excel Tricky Users, Today I am going to share with you the most effective way to Paste Links while Transposing the Copied cells. i.e. Transpose Links. Actually The it is first important to Understand the Problem. Paste Special Dialogue Box Gives two separate options to paste copied cells i.e. “Transpose” and “Paste Link” as […]

Dynamic Drop Down Excel

Dynamic Drop Down List Excel

Hey Excel Dynamic User, I am going to show you one very important technique to create a Dynamic Drop Down List Excelin cells (of course with data validation but with addition to function “INDIRECT”) with n number of dependency you can create. I have tried to make it shortest and easy to understand with 5 […]


How to create drop down in Microsoft Excel?

Hello Excel Lovers, In this animated GIF below, I have shown how to create drop down list in cells in Microsoft Excel with Data Validation Function. Share your views on this trick and how it helped you at your work in comments! To Subscribe to the courses go to Courses page and be effective user […]

Lock Format Painter

Have you ever double clicked Format Painter in Excel!!!

Hello Excel Enthusiasts, You all must know the use of Format Painter brush. But have you ever double clicked the Format Painter i.e. locked the Format Painter Mode. Press Escape to switch off the Format Painter Mode. I am sure once you learn and experiment this trick, it will save a lot of time in […]


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