Replace a long formula of Nested IF with a simple VLOOKUP formula

Hello Formula Experts, I am sure you all have a good grasp on the formulas in Excel. But sometimes it happens that we write unnecessary too long formula when a simple solution giving the same result is possible. Today I am giving a example of the same and a Quiz for you. Doesn’t it sound […]


Case Study 1 – Multi Choice Question-Answer Model in Excel

NOTE : There are many interlinked articles for separating basic lesson from this main article. View those links if you want to learn Basics. Hello Excel Modelers, Yes you heard it right. I am sure after going through this article thoroughly, you will gain a great insight on implementing various SIMPLE (simple if you know and […]

All About "Named Ranges" in Excel

All About “Named Ranges” in Excel

Hello Super Excel Users, In this post I am going to cover every aspect of Named Ranges. What is a named range? Cells are generally named for a column and row that intersect, like A1 or C3. A range of cells is indicated by the colon between the beginning and ending cell of the range, […]

Prevent Duplicates in a column in Excel

How to prevent Duplicates in a column in Excel with Data Validation!

Hey Data Validation Users, There are N number of stuff you can do with Data Validation based on your creativity. Today I am going to show you how to prevent Duplicates in a column in Excel with the help of Data Validation. Steps to Implement to prevent Duplicates in a column in Excel: Select the Entire […]

Excel 2003 keyboard shortcuts

Excel 2003 keyboard shortcuts – you should never forget

Hey Excel Shortcut lovers, I am sharing with you some of the important Excel 2003 keyboard shortcuts which are still applicable in Excel latest releases.   You can add to this list with your favorite excel 2003 keyboard shortcut in comments. If you want to get knowing such fruitful and upcoming techniques subscribe to my course […]

Camera Tool Excel

Camera Tool Excel or Paste linked picture

Hey Excel Tricky presenters, I am glad that you are here to unlock the hidden feature in your Excel i.e. Camera Tool Excel. However in recent update there is similar command available which performs the same function as Camera Tool Excel, i.e. Paste as Linked Picture. We will cover both of this command with GIF […]


Most Powerful Excel Keyboard Shortcuts + Excel Shortcut PDF

Hey Excel Shortcut savvy guys, Have you ever removed all the filters applied in separate columns with a shortcut? Many of us might not have done so instead they would be removing filter from the data and again applying filter. I was doing this long exercise upto few years back. But from 2007, we have […]


How to create drop down in Microsoft Excel?

Hello Excel Lovers, In this animated GIF below, I have shown how to create drop down list in cells in Microsoft Excel with Data Validation Function. Share your views on this trick and how it helped you at your work in comments! To Subscribe to the courses go to Courses page and be effective user […]


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