Sniping Tool

Snipping Tool – A hidden Treasure in your Windows OS

Hello Presentation Givers, If you give a lot of support/demo to clients through screenshot then this is the best tool for you to start using “Snipping Tool” instead of old “PrntScr” button. Snipping Tool is a screenshooting utility included in Windows Vista and later. It can take screenshots of an open window, rectangular areas, a […]

LinkedIn Connections

Export all LinkedIn connections with email ID

Hello Networking people out there, Have you ever aspired to write emails to all your LinkedIn connections but not through LinkedIn platform. Mails regarding spreading professional updates or your new startup or any relevant stuff to build audience. I have already written a blog to help you out send Effective Email Campaigns through mailchimp. You […]


Hope you are not doing this COMMUNICATION MISTAKES at your office!

Hey my professional colleagues in industry, Mostly my blogs are targeted at the professionals in practice although it equally applies to someone in industry. Today I am going to write this article mainly targeted at the professionals in the industry although it equally applies to the practitioners for better effective communication. When I remember my […]


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