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Since June 2014, I have been educating our CA community about the Outsourcing Opportunities in recent times through this platform. And yes you can term it as Freelancing. But more important to know is what type of work opportunity it bring us at our doorstep without we moving from our place itself. So today I will in depth introduce you to one of such platform in depth and how it works. And then how my course can help you in the process of establishing yourself in this field.

First let me draw your attention to the three important articles about Freelancing from reputed websites.




By now you must have realised future trend of work and would be willing to know more on how to access this online marketplace for rendering professional services.

The first step is to enter Freelancing Site like UPWORK (other options are Freelancer, GURU etc but why I choose UPWORK and all relevant details in the course)

So lets talk about the UPWORK Platform in details.

  1. UPWORK is an online staffing platform based in Mountain View, California, United States. UPWORK was first launched in 1999. As of February 2013, UPWORK is used by approximately 500,000 businesses and 2 million registered freelance professionals, who have collectively earned nearly $850 million to date.
  2. Clients – The UPWORK website allows businesses to post jobs, search for freelance professionals, and solicit proposals. They can evaluate the contractors applying for the job and, once a contractor is selected, communications and files are exchanged through the UPWORK system. Generally Small and Medium Businesses from across Globe post their projects (one time or longer term)
  3. Freelancers – Freelancers search UPWORK’s website for jobs and can research clients’ buying histories on the system. Each freelancer can post a profile displaying past jobs and feedback, a portfolio, and specific skill and educational-background information. Registered free users are allowed to submit a limited number of proposals (40) each month while those on paid membership plans can submit additional proposals.
  4. Payment Protection – UPWORK offers payment guarantee once work is done using the UPWORK system. Over a period Elance have developed a very strong Payment mechanism to make Elance a great place to work for both Clients and Freelancers.
  5. According to 2013 reports from Accenture and Deloitte that mention UPWORK, enterprises are increasingly looking to supplement their permanent employee workforce with flexible, extended workforces of project-based personnel. Business owners support the trend because it lowers their payroll expenditures, and workers support it because working for multiple clients results in increased job security. Project-based hiring also allows small businesses access to highly skilled workers at a significantly lower cost as compared to hiring full-time staff.

Above was a brief idea of the platform now let me draw your attention to the value my course creates for subscribers.

  1. Profile – The perfect way to create a profile that helps client idetify you as a eligible contractor for their project.
  2. Crack the First Project. – The main hurdle once you know all the details and genuineness of the platform is to crack the first project and start the journey. (Most of the new Professionals leave in this phase due to effort and energy they waste here and get demotivated)
  3. Continuing Success – Very detailed Lessons on how to  write awarding job proposals.
  4. Skills – All resources to enhance your skills. Also regular updates delivered to your inbox.
  5. Feedback – The key to continuing success is Feedback from past clients. A very detailed lesson on how to earn most positive feedback from clients.
  6. Choose Clients – All criteria you should consider before fixing terms with a client and few clients to avoid based on some aspects.
  7. Mistakes – I did many mistakes in my Freelancing Career. How to avoid them rather than doing it yourself and learning. Also Mistakes others are making and steps you should take to avoid them.
  8. 20 Projects – My past 20 projects presented in details from Porposal to client communication to completion with relevant files.
  9. Next Steps – Obviously UPWORK is not the end to your outsourcing career but a launch pad for you to enter International Service industry. A lesson to show them all and regular updates on Next Steps.

So you must have realised that the course would save a lot of time (as much as 1 year) in getting familiar with all above and start with sure success by applying all success ingredients. Many have started and left on the way due to lack of knowledge and guidance.

Few More Questions Asked generally

  • Nature of Course – The course is an online hosted Recorded Presentations, Videos, E-books and Private Blog Articles which can be viewed from anywhere anytime after subscription.
  • Nature of Jobs –  Broadly the List can be categorised as below.
    • Accounting/Bookkeeping and Financial Preparation
    • Microsoft Excel Related (Dashboard, Modelling, Fin Projections and others)
    • Equity Research
    • Business Consulting
    • Taxation Matters
    • Project Management
    • Statistics or Mathematics
    • & Many More

All types of jobs may not be posted daily (few like Accounting and Excel Related are coming in big numbers, other are coming in fewer numbers)but you have to keep you eye on projects being posted regularly. Daily aprox 25-30 Projects are posted on various skills.

You can visit Upwork Website to view all recent jobs in Last posted, first displayed basis.

  • What Can Be Achieved in Monetary terms over UPWORK

Visit My Profile below for my first year Earnings and Various Projects I completed with Client Comments


Also view how leading professionals in our field are doing


  • How I am distinguishably qualified to give this course?

I have been constantly looking into this platforms since 2012. I have started on this platform on August 2012 and within one year span I have crossed $18,000 mark over UPWORK with most positive feedback as you can see from below link.

Since September 2014, I have started my educational start-up (xlguru.in / smartcapractice.com) mainly aiming at creating awareness on this field as well as for skill enhancement in Advance Excel. And in last six month I have improved the website to a great extent in terms of secure online payment gateway, blog articles and enhancement of course based on feedback. And lately paid promotion in ICAI journal as I shared with you in Monday’s mail.

  • Why I am creating competition for myself and others?

Two Factors – Due to scale of the platform and the projects being posted daily and limit on number of proposal a freelancer can bid on, the platform can accommodate any number of new professionals. Visit one of my Long term clients to get an idea on what this platform can help you get valuable projects like below.



Secondly, I am keeping the Subscribers to a very low number. Currently my subscriber base is just crossed 100 and not exceeded 150.

  • How to Subscribe and Make Payment Online for the Courses?

Watch below video to demo how to subscribe, It takes less than three minute to subscribe and make payment with your Debit Card, Credit Card or Net Banking securely on CCAvenue Payment Gateway.



Lastly we have given promotion in ICAI Journal April and May 2015 issue (if you have not across it):

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