A small introduction to my Website

First of all, Welcome to our website – smartcapractice.com

Over here you will find important articles and courses on below topics as we thrive to make you EXCEL in below topics.

  1. Outsourcing/Freelancing (to show you the path to acquire long term overseas clients from your current setup itself)
  2. Microsoft Excel and its real life applications (not only introduction to functions which you come across regularly)
  3. Productivity, Time Management and related technology

About Our Faculty

CA Dhaval Paun , FCA, DISA, CFE (USA), FAFD (Certi.)


Dhaval moved to Mumbai for about 8 years when he was just 16 for graduation and CA. He has worked with Chandabhoy & Jassobhoy – a medium size CA firm for 3 years as an Article Assistant. And that was the most experience gathering part of his life where a strong foundation is formed for his successful professional career. Dhaval also worked for Globeop Financial Services – a leading Hedge Fund Administrator across Globe, after qualification for more than a year.

Since Article-ship days he was passionate about Microsoft Excel and always indulge in saving time and increase productivity using various Advance Excel features.

Dhaval has started his own practice since 2012 in Rajkot exploring modern areas of practice like Outsourcing/Freelancing. He has experimented in his first year of practice with Outsourcing/Freelancing as his main practice area and achieved ways more than the regular job (a huge $18,000+). Not only in terms of money but skills and contacts that he developed across globe were a huge bonus.

After working with a San Francisco based start-up for more than a year and also guiding professionals to get started in outsourcing field, I realized that the main differentiation in finding success in Outsourcing Profession or even Local Professional Practice is not only the skills but the “Productivity” and “Time/Task /Mail/File/Information Management” which can mainly be achieved through latest technology.

Nowadays he endeavor to contribute to the community to impart his vast knowledge by developing online video courses for educating Finance Professionals in India as well as across Globe for  two websites www.xlguru.in and www.smartcapractice.com on which you can subscribe to his courses for very reasonable prices and can excel in your practice or work.

Apart from above, Dhaval spend time in solving Excel Community questions raised at Microsoft Community And also engaged in various Public Speaking Engagements in his areas of Expertise.

Simply said Dhaval spend 16 hours daily with Microsoft Excel and exploring New Avenues for Practice and experimenting with cutting Edge Productivity Systems.

That’s what he do daily. Simply love what he does and that’s make his work great in all aspects.

Thank you for visit to this page and knowing more about us. Feel free to contact Dhaval at dhaval@smartcapractice.com