How to detect if other person TOO is tracking your email opening with Streak?!

Hello Business People,

I have already written how to track read receipt with chrome extension “Streak for Gmail” back in 2014. Please review the article here for basic information. It helps a lot in client acquisition and job search strategy etc.

However recently in one of the dealing, I wondered if the receiver of my mails for a deal is ALSO tracking the read receipt with Streak while replying?! And with below method, I found out that the other person too was using streak in reply to my mails!!

It is worthwhile to know if the sender too is having knowledge about your email behaviour and your interest.

If you go on opening the mail to see the number of reads tracked by streak, it will also get notified to the other person too that you are opening the mail frequently.

On my search, I found another chrome extension “Ugly Mail” which notifies if the email is having the tracking pixel by adding a similar eye symbol before the subject line.

However, it was ineffective as all mails where I track Streak and got replied by other person, it added the eye symbol even if the other person is not using the streak.

That made me find out how streak works. It adds a tiny image below your email with third party URL which hosts the same.

To see the URL, you have to

  • Open the message
  • Click the down arrow (More) next to the Reply button
  • Select Show original
  • Search for and highlight all the “mailfoogae“s on the page

Blog Article 1

Now to track if the other party too is using Streak for tracking email open, when you search “mailfoogae” you will find more than two “mailfoogae” results.

And if you see closely the sender ID associated with those two URLs, you will find two different sender ID which indicates that the other person too is using Streak to track the opening of the mail.

Blog Article 2

The best way to see number of views on a message without getting notified to other party is to just hover cursor around the eye symbol to see the number of views and keep the track of same in mind without going inside the message and view the exact time stamp of opens.


Also if you want to prevent from sending open tracking information to other party from their mails to you. Do following settings in Gmail:

  • Go to Gmail Settings > General > Images
  • Select “Ask before displaying external images”

Hope the above information helps you in critical business situations as well as your job search. As the knowledge about tracking pixel provider expands to everyone, it is worthwhile to confirm that other person too is using the tracking pixel for judging your interest in the business setup.

Thanks and Regards,
CA Dhaval Paun


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