How to add Developer tab in Excel Ribbon!!

Hello Excel Developers,

I hope you must have activated the Developer tab in your copy of Excel by now. If yes, it will appear like below image.

Developer Ribbon Screenshot


If not yet,

Follow this simple steps to activate “Developer Ribbon”

How to add Developer tab into Excel 2007 Ribbon?

  • Click the Office Button;
  • Click the Excel Option button at the bottom, then you will enter the Excel Option window;
  • Click the Popular button at the left;
  • Under Top Option for Working with Excel, check the Show Developer tab in the Ribbon option.
  • Click Ok button to finish editing.

Excel Options 2007

How to add Developer Tab into Excel 2010 and 2013 Ribbon:

  • Click the File tab;
  • Click the Options at the left to enter into Excel Option window;
  • Click the Customize Ribbon at the left;
  • At the right, select the Main Tabs from Customize The Ribbon drop down box;
  • Check the Developer item;
  • Click the OK button to finish customizing.

Excel Options 2010

Hope this helps.

Thanks and Regards,

CA Dhaval Paun



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