Productivity and Time Management

Hello all productive professionals out there,

Today I am going to share some videos for high productivity. Generally in my blog I only share my own articles based on my experience and my own creation but today I am going to make an exception to share with you two important aspects on which I am working as a self employed professional – Productivity and Time Management.

Check out the below video for becoming high productive in your life and better manage time effectively. Also you would like the way he defined INBOX. In current times we leave out email at many websites and allow them to mail us periodically like e-commerce, social media websites and many others. The moment you start your day with opening INBOX, you end up opening various new links and new things to do in your life – leaving behind the original goal you have set for yourself.

Now if you like the video above, I would recommend you to check the first installment of this video also.

So that is what I learned and implementing in my life. Hope you to get the right motivation from above videos.

The one more thing which I want to implement in 2015 but I am still struggling is Waking up early at 5.00 PM. I am trying to make this happen everyday but my start-up blog and video course creation is not allowing me to do so. I will update you once I fully implement the idea and the results also. Till then check this video as well from Robin Sharma.





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