Why Outsourcing/Freelancing = Work at Metro City or Bluechip Companies

Hello Professionals out there,

I am sharing my own experience about outsourcing work for Chartered Accountants in India since I left Mumbai in 2012 after almost 8 years of stay there for study and job.

I moved to my hometown Rajkot to setup my professional practice and concentrated on Outsourcing/Freelancing. In the first year itself I grossed $18,000 in revenue. But more interesting and experience enriching part was the skill I enhanced in this period in terms of not only core-subject specific skills but also professionalism, client satisfaction, communication etc. And all of which I can easily correlate to what I would have gained if I would have continued in the MNC (Globeop Financial Services).

There are other advantages as well for Freelancing as under:

  1. Very less or No Big Capital investment involved.
  2. Skills will be always updated as every unique client would have his own current problem/project at hand and on which you would be giving your professional services. Compare it with a routine job in any industry and you will find the limitless of job vis-a-vis Freelancing.
  3. No Travelling for-to the office. Can be more flexible and spend a quality time with Family.
  4. Also Freelancers tend to live in smaller cities so their cost of living would also be lesser compared to the metro citites.
  5. Do the Work you love to do.
  6. Create your own schedule.
  7. Keep all the profits.
  8. The ability to decide to continue or discontinue with a client.
  9. No prescribed dress code.
  10. You are the boss.

These are very few advantages which I can list down from my experience. You can find many more when you personally start your own Freelancing Services. However, there are also some disadvantages or things to consider/take care of which we will discuss in another post.

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CA Dhaval Paun



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