Form Command – Add,edit,find and delete QUICKLY with Data input Forms in EXCEL

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Have you ever come across a situation when you have to enter a repetitive fields for numbers of records like for example students mark-sheet or employee records etc. And it took a lot of time to do it because of you have to select every-time the cell where you wanted to enter data. It can be super-easy and quick with a dialogue box like window in Excel.

The “Form” Command is not pre-installed on Excel Menu Ribbon. You can add it to Quick Access Toolbar with steps in below GIF. (You can also add it to any of the Ribbon from Excel Options window)

How to enable Form Command in Excel

How to enable Form Command in Excel

Once you have enabled Form command, it will be straight to use this command for data entry as shown in below GIF.

Blog Article 5 -2


Find a row by entering search criteria (Click here to read full Article from office)

Also with the help of “Criteria” in Form Command Window, you can easily filter/find relevant results.

  1. Click Criteria, and then enter the comparison criteria in the data form.

All items that begin with the comparison criteria are filtered. For example, if you type the text Dav as a criterion, Excel finds “Davidovski” and “Davis.” To find text values that share some characters but not others, use a wildcard character as your criterion.

The following wildcard characters can be used as comparison criteria for filters, and when you search for and replace content.

? (question mark) Any single character
For example, sm?th finds “smith” and “smyth”
* (asterisk) Any number of characters
For example, *east finds “Northeast” and “Southeast”
~ (tilde) followed by ?, *, or ~ A question mark, asterisk, or tilde
For example, fy91~? finds “fy91?”
  1. To find rows that match the criteria, click Find Next or Find Prev.
  2. To return to the data form so that you can add, change, or delete rows, click Form.

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  • Jim Patlyek

    This is a very helpful feature that I’ve used many times. It can be made more accurate by incorporating data validation features also found in excel.Data validation acts as a limiter of data input to correct data for that field, and can even input or calculate the correct data based on prior data input.

    • Dhaval

      Yes Jim,

      You are correct, Form command with data validation will ensure correct data entry in relevant fields.


  • Gusters, Donald M.

    Appreciate the positive display of knowledge, picked up something new today I can use in my everyday lifestyle whenever I run across excel again in the future. 100.

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