Camera Tool Excel or Paste linked picture

Hey Excel Tricky presenters,

I am glad that you are here to unlock the hidden feature in your Excel i.e. Camera Tool Excel.

However in recent update there is similar command available which performs the same function as Camera Tool Excel, i.e. Paste as Linked Picture.

We will cover both of this command with GIF showing its importance in better presentation to hide the background working or cell formula etc.

Camera Tool Excel

First Let’s see how to enable Camera Tool Excel

Enabling Camera Tool Excel

Enabling Camera Tool Excel

Now its application

Camera Tool Excel Application

Camera Tool Excel Application

Paste as Linked Picture



Paste as Linked Picture

Paste as Linked Picture


The other benefit of linked picture is that you can resize or move or align as you need. The image can be saved also and send as attachment without Excel file itself.

This command also helps in creating awesome Dashboard from linked picture of Data Tables and Charts

Feel free to comment below with your experience or queries in implementing above feature. Also do share this information with your network to update with features of Camera Tool Excel or Paste as Linked Picture Command.

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