Welcome 2015, My Goals for 2015………

Hi there,

Hope you had great year 2014.

I also had a mixed year in 2014 where I switched myself from Freelancer to Blogger and I learned a lot in this process. To make the year 2015 most fruitful, I have decided to make a Goal-sheet in advance and start following it from December 16, 2014 only.

Daily Goals

I realized that sticking to a basic minimum daily routine end up in a good accumulated work,rather starting with major projects now and then without daily routine. (In the sense that it is highly possible that we may left the project once we discontinue for a while due to some reasons as we have a deadline to complete which we have missed and loose excitement towards it.)

To track this basic routine, I have created a google spreadsheet which you can also view to see my performance.

  1. Wake up at 4.30 AM.
  2. Record 30 Minutes of Course Content.
  3. Write/Record a Video/GIF Blog Article On Microsoft Excel Topic.
  4. Write/Record a Blog Article On Start-up/Entrepreneurship/blogging.

Website Development

Although it is outsourced tasks, it needs to be listed down for tracking purpose.

  1. Implement Paypal payment gateway for non-Indian Professionals so that they can pay in Foreign Currency.
  2. Make the website SEO optimized.
  3. Implement Google Adsense on the Website.
  4. Enhance the Website images/content for better visitor experience.
  5. Start Forum on the website.

Website Monetization

  1. Paid Subscription Programs

    Subscribe 200 professional to each of the two developed courses.

A. Outsourcing for Finance Professionals
B. Develop Excel Dashboards from Scratch

  1. Google Adsense

    Drive traffic to the website through Blog Articles and earn through the Google Adsense revenue.

Knowledge Enhancement/Certification

  1. ISA Certification from ICAI
  2. CPA Exam – AICPA
  3. Certificate Course on Concurrent Audit of Banks – ICAI

Personal Goals

  1. Visit UAE towards the end of the year for holiday, CPA Exam and for exploring outsourcing business opportunity.
  2. Start Workshop and Training to ICAI CPE programmes and Corporate Houses to create brand in Excel Area.
  3. Increase productivity through tracking time and reports.
  4. Increase savings which is minimal since I left job in 2012 and started working on my own as Freelancer/Blogger.
  5. Loose considerable weight through following good food habits and exercise. (currently I am almost 100 ;))

So that’s all what I am going to do in 2015. I will surely update you on all of the above Goals towards the end of 2015 with new goals for 2016. What about your goals for 2015?! Share it in comments.



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