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Get Outsourcing Work in Finance & Management Field from Your Current Setup!

Many of my professional friends came to know about Outsourcing/Freelancing that I started doing back in 2012, they all also tried the field for months. But most of them don’t end up with a single project or one and two of them achieved to manage only few hundred dollars over many months and then no significant process.

Then I look back and learnt on what mistakes they did and what I did different to get to this level so fast. Also in the analysis, I also found some loose-end on my part which I did in between my journey. So I compiled all of this in a video course and put here so that everyone fresher qualified professional or semi qualified can take advantage of the same and excel in this modern area of practice.

I hope all of you get most out of this course and start your own journey with bang. I would like that you share your experience while you move ahead in the area so I can learn further and guide you all more on this.

Advance Excel Case Studies – Solutions Developed for Clients!

****This is not an Excel Functions introduction course (for which information is freely available on internet) but this is a course where I share Real Life Business Situations of my clients and how I developed solution including hurdles and the approach with which I solved it.****

Develop Awesome Business Applications (solutions) using Excel Tools and Tricks and Impress your clients and employer.
Once you go through this Course, you would be able to use all above applied Excel Tools/Features yourself in your day to day professional life and even create complex Excel Business Applications yourself from scratch in your work scenario.

I have assumed that students undergoing has only very basic knowledge of Excel and attempted to go in every detail and made the process very simplified so that everyone undergoing this course get most out of it and at the end one can create Complex Excel Models (yet easy to develop after this course completion) themselves.

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Increase Productivity and Get Things Done with Technology!

After working with a San Francisco based start-up for more than a year and also guiding professionals to get started in outsourcing field, I realised that the main differentiator in finding success in Outsourcing Profession or even Local Professional Practice is not only the skills but the “Productivity” and “Time/Task Management” which can mainly be achieved through latest technology.

That brings us to the questions of what those technology are, how they can help us and what will be the outcome once you implement them?!

This course will teach you the most cutting-edge tips and tricks for productivity, automation, and efficiency, so that you can do more work in less time and have more time for the things that matter the most in achieving your life goals.


Traditional Practice vs Outsourcing Practice

This website will help you start and boost your Outsourcing Practice from scratch by providing you all techniques and skill updation resrources so you dont have to invest a lot of time researching and trying yourself what works and what dont work!

Subscriber Testimonial

Very dynamic courses, easy to follow and to understand although being online self paced courses. You can tell a lot of work has been put into the online courses and there’s plenty of extra material to look into, leaving it up to you to be proactive and make the most of it.

CA Brinda D, Kolkata

Thank you Dhaval for helping on each and every stage of setting my Freelancing Career. Your personal attention apart from course content helped a lot in establishing me on Upwork. Thank you once again.

CA Neoshi S, Mumbai

Initially, I thought that the courses are not meant for me being a Full Time Investment Banker. But you proved me wrong. By taking the courses, not only I was able to crack big projects in my skill area but it helped me in a big way in my job too.

CA Anonymous , Mumbai

Your Instructor

CA Dhaval Paun, FCA, DISA, CFE (USA), FAFD (Cert.)


A practicing Chartered Accountant mainly active in Outsourcing Practice Projects involving  automating processes , by designing interfaces and tools with VBA for Excel and also Quickbooks Bookeeping for US Clients. His passion is teaching and solving difficult Excel problems. Dhaval loves to adapt new technology and enjoy taking online courses on a variety of topics.

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I place great value on keeping my training sessions not only informative but also interesting. With technical topics like Excel, students learn the most when they attempt to solve a problem on their own. They are most engaged when they make mistakes and attempt to fix these. For this reason, I make sure to include enough examples and exercises for students to download and work with.

I look forward to having you in my online courses.